cms34 screenshot

What is it?

cms34 is a CMS: a Content Management System, designed to make the task of maintaining a website easier by removing the technical complexity. With a good CMS, the people who create web content can put it directly on the website, saving time and money. A CMS also helps ensure that the website maintains a consistent look-and-feel for visitors, improving the user experience and encouraging repeat visits.

The specific strength of cms34 is that it is a user-centered CMS. Many CMS systems are built by web developers without a lot of direct contact with the system's users. This leads to overly technical and complicated systems... exactly the kind of thing a CMS is supposed to avoid! From the beginning, cms34 has been developed to client specifications and in close collaboration with the people who will be using it. The result is a streamlined experience that has been received enthusiastically by all who have used it.

Another benefit of cms34 is that it's constantly evolving with new features. And due to its unique licensing approach, clients using the system benefit from both past and future enhancements through free updates*.

Who uses it?

cms34 is in use by over a dozen of Room 34's clients in a variety of fields: architecture, graphic design, photography, publishing, professional organizations, scientific research and more.

We even use it to power our own websites.

How do I get it?

Right now, cms34 is available exclusively to clients of Room 34 Creative Services. But Room 34 is currently planning a new version that will be available for download and for licensing to other web design and development agencies.

If you're interested in using cms34 on your own web project, please contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation!

The techie stuff

cms34 is built on CakePHP, an open source MVC framework for PHP. It requires Apache 2, MySQL 5.0 and PHP 5.2 or later. It also relies on some other excellent open source components, including TinyMCE and jQuery. Contact us to learn more.